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The ocean is our inspiration, in so many things in our life, and we are blessed to live in a place we walk every single day alongside it.  We swim in it, we surf in it and we rescue every bit of plastic we can find, from it. 


We've worked hard to source 90% of our products exclusively from Westcountry small & indie companies wherever possible, keeping our food miles and carbon footprint low and our local economy supported.

By building our business staying true to our core values of shopping ethically, and supporting small & local and by making a commitment to shop local or support small businesses, we cycle money back into our communities.

We have taste-tested every product on our Wavi Landrover - and where we bake our own, because we're that little bit biased, we've plied our family & neighbours with cake and endless taste-tests over the months of Wavi planning!

Most of our products are all plastic free (we're working on the milk) and we work with our suppliers to ensure deliveries are as plastic-free as they can be, and will be working towards a goal of carbon offsetting delivery.


Our single serve products (our cups, lids, and stirrers) are all home compostable in your paper bin, as are our glassine cake bags and napkins.  


And what about our coffee? Well, brewing coffee isn’t just about what you sip. It’s an ever-evolving process that many have failed to perfect. The key is knowing where it all starts and understanding where it comes from. Our coffee is globally sourced from nutrient-rich lands cultivated by those who have mastered the growing process. We work closely with Origin Coffee Roasters to make sure we're serving damn good coffee. The result is an organic, fair trade coffee we know you're going to love.  

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